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Pastora y Profesora universitaria. Posee un doctorado en estudios de Ministerio, Iglesia y lenguajes de la Postmodernidad de Drew University, Theological School, NJ, y una Maestría en Divinidad del Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico. Es artista gráfica, especializada en comunicaciones visuales.

[toggle title_open=»Cierra» title_closed=»Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico» hide=»yes» border=»yes» style=»white» excerpt_length=»0″ read_more_text=»Read More» read_less_text=»Read Less» include_excerpt_html=»no»][useful_banner_manager banners=79 count=1][/toggle]  “Unless the church (wants) to become a small, isolated enclave that can only talk to its own, we (need) to welcome people in from the nonchurch majority, with all their questions, uncertainties, skepticism, and honesty, which (requires) first of all that we (listen) to them without judgment and understand them without condemnation.”[1] When speaking about a notion of church in the 21st century we must go beyond John Calvin’s definition of churchRead More

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